Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thai red curry with shrimp & noodles

Have you ever wondered how your imagination can write the most fascinating, yet somewhat bizarre scenarios?  My mind, in any case, seems very prone to coming up with the craziest ideas.  One thought I'm often puzzled by, for example, is what would the world look like if everybody had the same personality, talents and flaws as me.  I'm not talking about looks, educational choices, or even interests.  Just hard skills & character = what you are born with.

Imagine all the plumbers, architects, athletes, policemen, doctors and taxi drivers would have your take on life (optimistic or pessimistic), your enthousiasm (or the lack of it), your ability to learn (slowly or quickly), to tackle problems and face challenges, your dedication or your laziness, as well as your social skills.  

It's a funny exercise for your mind and I recommend you have a go at it and see what kind of world you would come up with.  All you need to do is think of yourself in every possible social scenario and profession -- and assume you have full power to do things your way.  After all -- the only person who could stop you would be you.

You don't need to dig deep when playing this game and keep it simple.  Think about things you are good at / not good at.  Maybe with your skills there would be a cure for cancer by now?  Or maybe we wouldn't have even made it to the Moon?  What would the buildings designed by you look like (IOW: what is your style?)?  How would cities and road networks be planned (IOW: do you have a decent spatial intelligence and can you predict social needs or technological developments?)?  What would you find on the shelves of an ordinary supermarket: more types of yoghurt? more exotic fruit? less meat?  Would the Air Force One have a SPA on board?  Would there be different TV channels? 

If you do wish to dig a bit deeper -- focus on the more fundamental issues.  Would the world be a cleaner, safer and more peaceful place?  Think carefully!  The fact that now you are against war does not mean much.  You probably live a nice, cheerful life in a safe country, have a decent job and never go hungry (except when on a diet :P ).  But would you still be against war if you were born poor, in a third world country, and some guys sent by a ruthless dictator threatened your family?  Would you fight -- or still choose peace?

But enough of this philosophizing: let's get to the food :D  This Thai red curry is really one of the best things I ever ate!  Spicy, creamy, and with a perfect balance of flavors and textures.  I love curries in general, but used to be more familiar with the Indian ones, rather than the Thai, which I discovered quite late.  I love their exotic taste: the blend of heat, sweetness and zingy freshness, combined the lovely smoothness of coconut milk.

Once you get a grasp of the basics and are able to make this amazing red sauce, you can throw in almost any ingredients you like.  You don't need to go for shrimp -- try using meaty fish, chicken or veal instead, if that's more to your liking.  Also various types of veg go very well with this.  Based on the original recipe you should add bamboo shoots and soft green peppercorns -- but baby corn or red peppers are great too.  Enjoy!


Bon appetit!

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