Friday, December 20, 2013

✮Christmas recipes✮

♫♪♫ It's the most wonderful time of the year! ♫♪♫  Christmas time!  Yet this year I don't really feel the holiday spirit yet...  I just came back from New Zealand where summer is just starting and people celebrate Christmas by having a BBQ in their garden or hitting the beach.  Sounds pretty cool... but also pretty strange to a European.  Despite the abundance of Christmas decorations on the streets and Christmas songs on the radio, I was not really in the mood to sing along "let it snow" or "baby it's cold outside" while wearing sandals and shorts.  

Coming back to Europe has not helped much with getting into the holiday spirit, as with the mild winter it feels more like October than December.  BUT - as I'm one of these "Christmas spirit junkies", I decided to push myself into the right mood.  I spend the last days baking cookies while listening to Christmas songs.  I know - so clichébut it worked!  All I need now is to be "♪ driving home for Christmas " (there a song again :D) to see my lovely family - holidays are nothing without the family spirit!

Here are some reminders of great holiday recipes - I hope they help you get into Christmas spirit too!

The epitome of holiday spirit!  They taste delicious and the cute traditional shapes look great on a Christmas tree.  You can't have Christmas without them :)

Simple and very elegant.  This cheesecake is a great option for Christmas, because of the added cranberries - and cranberries are the holiday fruit.  It is also very festive and will do well for such a special occasion.  Added bonus: it's easy to make, which is great when you are so busy in the kitchen with other things.


A family tradition and one of the best cakes I've ever had.  It may sound exotic to some, but in Poland poppy seed cakes are a must for Christmas.  I highly recommend to try it out, if you feel adventurous.  A word of warning though: it requires quite some work and preparation time (but it's totally worth it).

Chewy cranberry chocolate cookies
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Chewy, tangy and chocolaty cookies.  Highly recommended if you are looking for a quick fix.  Also: baking them is a lot of fun - just put on some Christmas songs and go ahead!

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This chocolate gingerbread cake is rich and full of spices.  It's so much better than any other gingerbread cake I've ever had, because it's soooo moist and chocolaty!  Really divine -- and simple to make.

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